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Black Book: Workout & Nutrition Only (3-months)

Black Book: Workout & Nutrition Only (3-months)

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"You can't manage what you can't measure." ~ Peter Drucker

  • DAILY TRAINING LOG: The daily Training Log allows you to track all exercise activity, with a focus on resistance training or circuit-style training.
  • DAILY FOOD LOG: Track as little or as much as you see fit. Spaces to track calories, macro-nutrients, meal timing and more.
  • HABIT TRACKER: Replace bad habits with good habits and place a check next to each, each day during your journey. Use it for fitness or use it for business... use it for any habit you wish to deploy.

The Silver Fox Black Book allows you to track all your exercise and nutrition in one visual snapshot.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve strength and performance—or just be healthier…

The Black Book is your little secret that allows you to plan, track, AND improve.

It’s more than just a training log and food journal.

It’s a way for you to ensure progress.

To maintain focus on incremental improvement.

And have a historical reference that you can use to learn from.

In addition to daily planning and monthly goal pages, the daily debrief keeps you on track.

The intuitive, minimalist design makes it simple to fill out.

And it’s the perfect size to take with you anywhere...

It's your dedicated space for tracking, measuring, analyzing and becoming better than you were yesterday.

...Why not just track all this stuff in a regular notebook?

Or some app on your phone?

The Black Book lays everything out for you based on our proven success formula, helping you become more disciplined and simplifying your life.

Computers and smartphones are littered with distractions.

Other priorities popping up, pulling your focus way.

But this planner has no distractions.

It’s your focused, dedicated space for tracking, measuring, analyzing, and becoming better than you were yesterday.

If you haven't reached your fitness goals yet.. or your progress has stalled..
OR you are ready to take your fitness to the next level...

The BLACK BOOK is your secret weapon to consistency and making sure you PROGRESS.

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