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Silver Fox Challenge: 30 Days to Mental and Physical Strength

Silver Fox Challenge: 30 Days to Mental and Physical Strength

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If you'd like to lose 10 pounds or more, this might be the most important page you ever read.

There's no fluff or filler - just battle-tested tactics that are proven to work best on men over 50.

And it's easy to implement.

You just need a few minutes a few days a week ... and there's no difficult meal plan to follow. In fact, I'll give you a detailed daily checklist so you can get started ASAP.

I use this same system to drop a few extra pounds after a few too many holiday parties... or coming back from an injury.

And beyond shedding unwanted fat, you'll improve your strength in and out of the gym.

Men who have small children said after completing the Silver Fox Challenge that their energy levels doubled... allowing them to keep up and play with their kids who seem to have "endless" energy.

And the results even spilled over to athletic sports like golf... where Silver Fox graduates tell me they are able to keep up with the younger golfers off the tee box...

There's more to this little challenge than "just" fitness:

  • Discover the ONE THING that allows you to CRUSH YOUR GOALS... and KILL the "I'll start over again on Monday" mentality that's zapping your success! (Whatever you do, do this to GUARANTEE you lose FAT AND BUILD MUSCLE!).

  • The five testosterone 'killers' you must know ...if you are serious about improving your health after 50. Believe it or not, lots of 'pop fitness' trainers are telling men over 50 the OPPOSITE of what they need to be doing.

  • The best meal plan for men over 50. I'll show you where you can save money and time by simplifying the diet process - for life.

  • The five testosterone 'fixes' you must know ...these 5 fixes turbo-charge your fat loss by jumpstarting your testosterone. Again, these are common-sense fixes the 20-something "influencers" neglect to even mention (because they don't know what it's like being 50+).

  • Build a first-class home gym that rivals any commercial gym, even on a tight budget. The secret is adopting a minimalist approach with basic equipment. Ditch the expensive dust collecting cardio machines that require a credit check and monthly subscription.

  • The new approach to fat loss for men over 50 is delivering BIG RESULTS for our Silver Foxes. It's like nothing you've ever seen before and won't leave you sore and exhausted the next day.

  • A proven way to increase your strength. Research tells us that maintaining muscle mass after the age of 50 is the secret to a longer, healthier life. The routine works for men over 50, allowing them to shed fat and build muscle.

  • You need to be lying on the ground in a pool of sweat and tears after every workout, right? Wrong! The "Instagram and YouTube stuff" totally backfires when it comes to shedding fat, leaving you with elevated cortisol levels and injuries (but it does make for good 'views'). Here's a brand new approach that's faster, easier to do and, quite frankly, safer.

  • Why an unusual number of my best clients failed every diet they've tried and now are firm believers in being a JERF. And how you can master the JERF in just a few minutes too... making eating out or at home simple and easy.

  • The best technique you'll ever learn for creating a fat "afterburn". Your fat loss success literally hinges on learning this method to boost your metabolism, well after you've finished your workout.

  • No Gym? No problem! 75% of my workouts for the last 12 years have been with nothing more than a yoga mat, a few kettlebells (or dumbbells), and gloves. See the bare minimum you need for the best fat-loss workouts you'll ever do and forget about special equipment or expensive gym memberships.

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